Event period:September-November. 2020.

Location:Toyota city, Japan

< Candidate venue >

■Toyota City central area Toyota Sangohkan Toyota Citizen’s Cultural Hall Gallery at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art Toyota city Folk Craft Museum The open space in front of Toyotashi station ■Toyota City Obara area Toyota city Obara Paper Art Museum Washi no Furusato Toyota City Obara Cultural and Recreational Center

< Details>

  1. International symposium on paper
  2. IAPMA Congress TOYOTA 2020
  3. Paper art exhibitions
  4. Paper work shop and demonstration
  5. Paper Marché
*Cooperative events related to paper will be held from September to November 2020.


Toyota City, PAPER TOYOTA 2020 Executive Committee

< Co-sponsorship>

IAPMA (The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists)

<Participating organizations>

Toyota Obara Washikougei Art Association, IAPMA, All Japan Handmade Washi Association, Japan Handmade Washi Fan Meeting, Washi Culture Study Group, and other domestic and overseas organizations and individuals involved in the culture of paper, etc.


PAPER TOYOTA 2020 Executive Committee